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Carbide Alloy End Mill

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Tungsten steel cutter

In 2006, the company successfully introduced the German Sparkle "SPEED LEOPARD" brand knives, using high productivity, high performance, profitability and high profitability tools to improve profit margins for customers. Speed Leopard products cover tungsten steel milling cutters, multi-purpose taps, milling inserts, turning inserts and heat shrinkable shanks.

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  Tungsten steel cutter milling products are mainly divided into:

  High hardness processing (H series): Suitable for materials with HRC above 50°.

  High-performance machining (X series): Suitable for materials up to 50° HRC.

  High processing (G series)

  General purpose machining (U series)

  Car bumper special tool

  Formwork and deep frame plus

  Large feed to mold surface oxidation black leather series

  Stainless steel special processing (S series)

  Aluminum processing (A series)

  Copper alloy and titanium alloy processing (T series)

  Graphite processing series

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