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High productivity, high performance, high profitability, profitability for the brand - Interview with Huang Deping, Marketing Manager, Speed Leopard Tool Company

Source : Suzhou Sonite Trading Co.,Ltd.    Date : 2019-02-20    Page views : Loading...

  Huang Deping, Marketing Manager, Speed Leopard International Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

  Speed Leopard International Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and agent of imported cutting tools. Since its establishment in 2000, Speed Leopard has been committed to the development of cutting tools with the tenet of ethics, credit, refinement and innovation. Especially in the manufacturing process, it has developed rapidly and reached the leading level in the same industry.

  With its cautious attitude and high value-added products and services, today's Speed Leopard has successfully expanded its business scope. The Speed Leopard organization covers dozens of central cities across the country. Speed Leopard products cover tungsten steel milling cutters, multi-purpose taps, milling inserts, turning inserts and heat shrinkable shanks. They are loved by customers for their excellent quality and service. They also have large warehouses in the headquarters of Suzhou High-tech Zone. The products are abundant, the inventory is complete, the pressure on the customer's inventory funds is reduced, the cost and time are saved, and the customer has no worries.

  In 2006, Speed Leopard successfully introduced the German "SPEED LEOPARD" brand knives, using high productivity, high performance, profitability and high profitability tools to improve profit margins for customers and promote them nationwide. Providing quality products and services to thousands of companies, and also making the "Speed Leopard Cutter" gradually become a well-known brand at home and abroad.

  Regarding the performance of the company in the first half of this year, Huang Deping, the marketing manager of the company, told the author that the company’s performance in the first half of the year was very good. It can be said that it was overfulfilled, thanks to the production system and sales system of the company. The close cooperation and joint efforts of the after-sales service system. In the second half of the year, the development focus of Speed Leopard will be mainly on new products, such as heat shrinkable shank products and processing series of milling cutter products. According to market demand, continuous research and development of targeted products is the key to continuously increase market share, and is also an important strategic direction for branding in domestic and international markets. Speed Leopard Tools is committed to developing into international, professional and high-end models. Brands have always invested heavily in product R&D innovation.

  Keep up with the market and respond quickly

  Speed Leopard focuses on the manufacture and supply of high quality solid carbide end mills for a variety of high-tech industries such as molds, aerospace, medical, power generation equipment, general machinery and more. Manager Huang said that the products of the company are relatively large in the mold industry, especially in the automotive molds, accounting for about 70%. “Although the domestic mold industry is currently in the development stage, this special transition stage, while containing great challenges, also provides enterprises with more development opportunities.” Huang Deping told the author.

  As Huang Deping said, in the development of the domestic and international automotive mold industry, China's automotive mold industry is in the stage of rapid changes in production and sales demand and transformation and upgrading. At this stage, if you want to break through the fog and challenge the frontier, then you must work hard on the development trend of mold technology. For example, the three-dimensional design of the mold and the digital mold technology will undoubtedly guide the mainstream direction of the industry; for example, the rapid development of mold processing automation, advanced Processing technology and equipment are important foundations for improving productivity and ensuring product quality. It is not uncommon for CNC machine tools, automatic tool changers (ATC), automatic machining optoelectronic control systems, and on-line measurement systems for workpieces in advanced automotive mold companies. CNC machining has evolved from simple profile processing to full-scale machining of profile and structural surfaces. From medium to low speed machining to high speed machining, machining automation technology is developing very fast.

  Large, precise and complex mold manufacturing requires extremely high tool requirements. According to Huang, the company has advanced technical advantages in the manufacture of sophisticated molds. First of all, according to the special needs of the mold industry, the speed leopard cutter will increase in rigidity and strength. For example, the wall thickness of the milling cutter should be thickened, and the milling cutter products are all U-shaped groove design. The design of the tool holder is rigid and high precision. Sintered shank; mold materials will also have specific high-hard processing materials, such as automotive plastic mold processing. In addition, the product range of Speed Leopard is very complete, such as milling cutters, others have Speed Leopards, and others do not have Speed Leopards. Speed Leopard is subdivided into tool development based on each material. Just like the 11 parts of the Speed Leopard processing steel, it does not include professional tools. There are only four other types that may be common in other homes, such as the tools in the car bumper. Manager Huang added.

  High productivity, high performance, profitability, high yield, empowering brand

  Advanced manufacturing technology, processing technology and perfect customer service system continue to shine in the development of the brand. When talking about the customer service of Speed Leopard, Manager Huang said, "We will patiently help our customers to select products. The high productivity, high performance, profitability and high profitability of the tools introduced by Speed Leopard can fully satisfy the customers. Diversified demand, this is also the success of the company to build an international brand and enter the ranks of high-end brands, we will continue to improve customer service and become a true tool steward of customers."

  Manager Huang Deping told the author that in the past few years, the company has always believed that the quality and brand of the product is one. In the process of continuous optimization and upgrading of products and steady development of brand building, Speed Leopard and customers are working side by side and making progress together. In other words, the word-of-mouth of the Speed Leopard cutter is “used” by the customer, and the “brand” of the Speed Leopard is also “used” by the customer. Speed Leopard Tools believes that the quality of the company's products, organization and services is related to whether the company can survive for a long time and healthy, and the company is very famous for its fields.