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How to use milling cutters in machining centers?

Source : Suzhou Sonite Trading Co.,Ltd.    Date : 2019-02-20    Page views : Loading...

  The selection and use of machining tools, the currently used knives have:

  1, face milling cutter (clamping triangular blade)

  This tool has a large cutting amount, and it has the advantages of high processing efficiency, low surface roughness of the workpiece and high temperature resistance. It is often used to machine hexahedrons and workpieces with large steps, sometimes for escaping.

  2, rough milling cutter

  When forming and processing important tools, it is characterized by heavy-duty cutting, deep knife cutting, low cutting resistance, and is used for jack milling and milling steps. When the milling cutter is used for half-cutting, the vibration of the machine is large. Pay attention to the broach when cutting.

  3, fine milling cutter

  For workpieces machined with such tools, the surface roughness of the workpiece is low and the machining dimensions are accurate. Generally, such tools are used after the workpiece is formed to ensure the appearance and accuracy of the workpiece. When cutting soft materials, such as bakelite, copper, etc., it can also be used for roughing.

  4, abandoned milling cutter

  The high-speed, high-speed, light-cutting processing method is adopted to replace the thickness of the blade and perform the thickness processing separately.

  5, the slope knife

  The forming tool used for drafting the side of the mold workpiece is suitable for workpiece side wall finishing mainly 0.5°, 1°, 1.5°, 2°, 2.5°, 3°, 5°, 10°.

  6, tungsten steel milling cutter and cobalt steel milling cutter

  It is characterized by high hardness and poor toughness. It can process the workpiece after heat treatment. Due to its poor toughness, it is easy to be damaged during cutting. Generally, it adopts high speed and light cutting.