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CNC tools material selection-CBN

Source : Speed Leopard    Date : 2020-10-24    Page views : Loading...

Main properties and characteristics of cubic boron nitride

The hardness of cubic boron nitride is slightly inferior to diamond, but it is much higher than other high hardness materials.The outstanding advantage of CBN is that its thermal stability is much higher than that of diamond, which can reach more than 1200℃ (700 ~ 800℃ for diamond). Another outstanding advantage is that CBN is chemically inert and cannot react with iron at 1200 ~ 1300℃.The main properties of cubic boron nitride are as follows.

1. High hardness and wear resistance: CBN crystal structure is similar to diamond, with similar hardness and strength.PCBN is especially suitable for machining high hardness materials which can only be grinded before, and can obtain better surface quality of workpiece.

2. High thermal stability: the heat resistance of CBN can reach 1400 ~ 1500℃, which is nearly L times higher than that of diamond (700 ~ 800℃).PCBN tools can be used for high speed cutting of superalloy and hardened steel at speeds of 3 ~ 5 times higher than carbide tools.

3. Excellent chemical stability: it will not have chemical action with the iron system material when it reaches 1200 -- 1300℃, and will not wear out as quickly as diamond. At this time, it can still maintain the hardness of the hard alloy;PCBN tools are suitable for cutting hardened steel parts and chilled cast iron and can be widely used in high speed cutting of cast iron.

4. Good thermal conductivity: Although CBN's thermal conductivity is not as good as diamond, PCBN's thermal conductivity is second only to diamond among all kinds of tool materials, and much higher than high-speed steel and hard alloy.

5. Low friction coefficient: low friction coefficient can reduce the cutting force, reduce the cutting temperature and improve the machining surface quality.

Cubic boron nitride tool application: cubic boron nitride is suitable for finishing all kinds of hardened steel, hard cast iron, high temperature alloy, hard alloy, surface spraying materials and other hard cutting materials.The machining precision can be up to IT5(hole is IT6), and the surface roughness can be as small as Ra1.25 ~ 0.20 m.The cubic boron nitride tool material has poor toughness and flexural strength.Therefore, cubic boron nitride turning tool is not suitable for rough machining with low speed and large impact load.At the same time, it is not suitable for cutting large plastic materials (such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, nickel-based alloy, large plastic steel, etc.), because the cutting of these metals will produce serious chip tumor, which will worsen the processing surface.