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What is the effect of the helix angle of tungsten steel milling cutter on cutting performance?

Source : Suzhou Sonite Trading Co.,Ltd.    Date : 2019-02-20    Page views : Loading...

  1. Basic characteristics and problems of the spiral edge milling cutter The basic cutting edge shape (spiral groove shape) of the milling cutter has two types: straight and spiral. Because the helical edge milling cutter has the advantages of light cutting, smoothness, high efficiency and wide application range with respect to the straight edge, it has been widely used in milling.

  2. The experimental experiment of spiral angle and 2-edge end mill milling slot is carried out on the vertical machining center. The 2-edge end mill with different helix angles of 12mm diameter is used to mill the width* height of 12mm*12mm groove and process it. The bottom surface of the rear groove is used as a reference, and the perpendicularity error (side deformation amount ΔX) of both sides of the groove is measured, and the influence of the spiral angle on the machining accuracy of the end mill milling groove is evaluated by comparing the magnitude of the error value. The material to be cut is carbon steel having a hardness of 28HRC.

  3. Helix angle and 4-edge end mill milling side test on the vertical machining center, using a 4-blade milling cutter with helix angles of 30 and 55 degrees respectively, compare the two milling cutters with the cutting width (radial knife The effect of changes in the amount of machining accuracy.